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medical interpreting

Traveling Nurses and Interpretation Experience

ClariVita recently met with Ms. Kristin Joyce RN-BSN. Ms. Joyce is an ICU trained RN who has worked at Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA; Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA;  and University of California San Diego Medical Center, CA. She knows first hand the important value of working with interpreters and translation companies like ClariVita. As a traveling nurse, …Read More

The 5 rights of medication administration and why interpreters are valuable with each of them

Right Patient As simple as this may sound having the interpreter confirm the patient’s identity is a key factor in providing safe and responsible healthcare.  Asking who the patient is and being greeted by a room of family and nods may not be the easiest way to just assume who the patient really might be. Right Drug Being able to correctly identify allergies, interpreting ingredients, and medication could be a …Read More

Medical Interpretation and Note-taking

If your practice employs bi-lingual staff to act as the interpreter between providers and limited English speaking patients, an important skill your staff should have is proper note taking. All too often, either patients or providers (or both) may speak for long periods and multiple sentences, forcing the interpreter to take notes in order to remember key descriptions, terms, etc.  One who is inexperienced at interpreting can easily fall into …Read More

Reasons for using Qualified Medical Interpreters

ClariVita’s very own Mara Cawthorn took time to inform us why it is so important to hire a certified medical translator. Certified medical translators have been trained and assessed, providing them with a vast knowledge of medical terminology. This leads to fewer errors in communication, relating in shorter patient doctor interactions and shorter hospital stays. Having been trained in the medical protocol, which is just as important as medical terminology, …Read More

Services and Partners of Clarivita

3 Keys tiers of professional interpreters Clarivita’s Central Florida team of interpreters are carefully selected for their professionalism, education, and expertise, then thoroughly tested to ensure their readiness to perform in either simultaneous or consecutive modes as required. Clarivita specializes in three area of expertise – medical, legal and business translation and interpretation. Medial Interpretation Services Clarivita is ready to assist your healthcare organization with providing meaningful language access to …Read More