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Why choose Clarivita for legal interpreting

Our valued Central Florida client Attorney Henry Lim from Lim and Associates was able to discuss with us why Clarivita’s legal interpreting is so valuable. Attorney Lim explains that the biggest benefit of using Clarivita is the accuracy in their translation and interpreting services . He can count on the interpretations in a court setting to be correct the first time. Explaining that one’s experience might be night and day based on the …Read More

Services and Partners of Clarivita

3 Keys tiers of professional interpreters Clarivita’s Central Florida team of interpreters are carefully selected for their professionalism, education, and expertise, then thoroughly tested to ensure their readiness to perform in either simultaneous or consecutive modes as required. Clarivita specializes in three area of expertise – medical, legal and business translation and interpretation. Medial Interpretation Services Clarivita is ready to assist your healthcare organization with providing meaningful language access to …Read More

Passion + Vision Are What Drive This Entrepreneur

Ask Mara Cawthorn what drives her as an entrepreneur. She’ll tell you it’s a healthy dose of passion + vision that has helped her earn success in business. A Passion For over twenty years now, Mara Cawthorn has devoted her professional career to the language service industry.  Born and raised in Argentina, she graduated with a BA Degree from the prestigious Córdoba National University of Languages in Argentina, majoring in …Read More