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5 Essential Considerations for Transcreation

Transcreation is the action of possessing the same idea, tone and feeling of the material in the intended language, and is one of the services provided by ClariVita. Transcreation should be considered when you are adapting resources for a universal audience. It is also helpful when you wish for your message, brand or your “voice” to be understood, as in marketing or advertising, websites and publishing materials. Here ClariVita shares …Read More

Clarivita’s new services for healthcare facilities

Clarivita is pleased to announce new offerings for healthcare facilities: Bi-Lingual Employee Fluency Assessments and Interpreter Training. Recent federal regulations under the Affordable Care Act / Section 1557 are mandating healthcare facilities that accept federally funded coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid and marketplace insurance plans, to provide meaningful language access to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients who are native speakers of the top 15 most common non-English languages in Florida. …Read More

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-ClariVita in the Community

One of ClariVita’s core values as a company is ‘To be generous to our clients and the communities we serve’.  One of the ways ClariVita’s management team strives to fulfill this ideal is through their active involvement in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando. Cy Cawthorn, ClariVita’s Director of Business Development and Operations, is the current President of the Downtown Leads Group through the Chamber. The purpose of …Read More

Services and Partners of Clarivita

3 Keys tiers of professional interpreters Clarivita’s Central Florida team of interpreters are carefully selected for their professionalism, education, and expertise, then thoroughly tested to ensure their readiness to perform in either simultaneous or consecutive modes as required. Clarivita specializes in three area of expertise – medical, legal and business translation and interpretation. Medial Interpretation Services Clarivita is ready to assist your healthcare organization with providing meaningful language access to …Read More

Clarivita in the Community – Remembering the Victims in Pulse

When a community suffers a horrific tragedy, it’s important to remember what unites us.  In the aftermath of The Pulse nightclub shooting in June, the Central Florida Community was phenomenal in its efforts to turn heartache into hope. When Clarivita was asked by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and City of Orlando to contribute Interpreting Services at the Hispanic Community Vigil in Orlando, Clarivita was more than ready to help …Read More