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Passion + Vision Are What Drive This Entrepreneur

Ask Mara Cawthorn what drives her as an entrepreneur. She’ll tell you it’s a healthy dose of passion + vision that has helped her earn success in business.

A Passion

For over twenty years now, Mara Cawthorn has devoted her professional career to the language service industry.  Born and raised in Argentina, she graduated with a BA Degree from the prestigious Córdoba National University of Languages in Argentina, majoring in Legal Translation and Interpretation, and minoring in Technical, Literary and Journalistic Translation.  “I knew at an early age learning English in school, and especially during my University years, that I had a passion for languages.”

Entrepreneurship came naturally to Mara … “I grew up in a small town and watched my parents become successful entrepreneurs.  I learned early on how to take personal responsibility for my future, and what it takes to build something that is both profitable and positively serves the community.

Looking back over two decades, Mara attributes (in part) a desire to serve and a passion for her industry as two major ingredients to her success.  She has an accomplished record of certified court interpreting in New Jersey and Florida, and has managed major document translation projects for companies such as Tiffany’s, Siemens, and GE.  Mara is a Nationally Certified Healthcare Interpreter, and a Certified Interpreter Trainer.

A Vision

Just over three years ago, Mara co-launched Clarivita … A successful language-access-solutions company that serves some of the highest profile organizations in Central Florida, such as Florida Hospital, The Expressway Authority, and many others.

ClariVita recognized three key issues in the market;

  1. The Limited English Proficient (LEP) community continues to be underserved in the most serious of circumstances such as legal and medical situations.
  2. A shortage of competent interpreters and linguists with the necessary skills to deliver competent services in legal, medical, and certain business situations such as technical media and marketing.
  3. The legal, medical and business communities face major challenges with language access including federal compliance, eliminating disparities, and controlling costs.

Mara states, “rather than generalize, we chose to focus our language services on high-end quality for the most consequential situations – Legal, Medical, and Business.”

translator introducing arabian businessman to business partners

translator introducing arabian businessman to business partners

Mara states that Clarivita’s is on a clear growth path.  “We envision Clarivita continuing to grow regionally throughout the Southeast as a major Language Service provider of In-Person Medical and Legal Interpreting Services.  In addition, plans are in the works to launch more innovative language solutions such as Multi-Lingual Staff Competency Training and Video Remote Interpreting for emerging fields such as Telemedicine.  Lastly, Clarivita is researching and excited to implement creative solutions to uplift the under-privileged LEP population through community service and non-profit organizations.”


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